Working with Talented Athletes

Working with Talented AthletesWASP use the Emergentics profiling method to support and develop coaches working with talented athletes. The appeal of Emergenetics compared to most profiling companies is the focus on assessing preferences rather than strengths/weaknesses.  The profile feedback is clear and logical, and is supported by an Emergenetics app and lifelong support.

Emergenetics Method

Participants will complete a profiling questionnaire prior to the start of the programme. On the first day, Emergenetics present each coach with the results of their profiling and explain the theory behind the results.

Emergenetics is broken down into 2 key elements: Thinking and Behavioural Preferences as referenced in the illustrations below.  Each participant will receive data regarding their preferences which clearly shows where they were positioned on the two scales and comparisons to everyday situations. Action Learning Groups are then established with coaches from differing sports and differing communication and leadership styles put together to work on a task.

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