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How To Coach Young People For An Active Life

UK CoachingUK Coaching and Sport England have created a new animation to assist youth coaches in understanding and help young people positively change their sporting and physical activity behaviours. Starting a new sport of physical activity or changing from inactive behaviour requires young people to go on a journey of change. Not all young people’s journeys will be easy, simple or quickly successful. Some young people will find ways to make the journey smoother and others will find the journey takes more effort and is a bumpier ride.

Positive behaviour change can be achieved through coaches using a broad range of approaches that focus on young people as individuals, as part of a group or community or when they are in different environments. By using behaviour change strategies coaches can help and support young people to make better choices.

Coaches can increase the likelihood of sustained positive behaviour change if they can:

 provide information that is easy to understand and at time when young people are likely to be responsive
 highlight that it is normal to take part and be active
 support young people to plan what to do when challenges occur
 help young people feel positive about the benefits of behaviours changed
 use simple tactics and strategies that support young people.

Some behaviours are more resilient than others and therefore can be difficult and require a lot of effort. Changing inactive sporting or physical activity behaviours to becoming more active can be complex and therefore requires coaches and young people to keep going, persist and not to give up in developing new active behaviours and habits.

Find out more about the guidance and top tips for coaches in the short animation.

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How To Coach Young People For An Active Life - Six tips that will make a difference

After understanding the journey young people go on towards getting active, coaches can include a variety of strategies to help them make positive change their behaviour.

Six tips that will make a difference:

1. Create a positive environment.
2. Make an action plan together.
3. Plan for overcoming problems.
4. Help them make commitments they can stick to.
5. Track changes in behaviours and provide positive feedback.
6. Provide social support.

Find out more about the guidance and top tips for coaches watch a short animation developed by UK Coaching and Sport England.

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