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Wiltshire's Coach Development Programme

Hi five picAs part of  the Coaching Delivery Plan – Service Area 3 WASP wanted to ensure that the design principles of the Coaching Plan for England are applied to all Sport England programmes which the CSP has co-ordinating responsibility for.

Jordan Rose, Sports Consultant for Wiltshire and Swindon Sport and  lead for Coaching worked with selected coaches that are currently working through WASP and key partners on Sport England programmes or partner programmes targeting similar objectives to our programmes. 

Create Development were the deliverer chosen for this project. Their vision – “creating positive relationships with physical activity for life” fitted well with what we wanted to achieve through our programme delivery, in getting more people active. This approach is also instrumental in changing participant’s behavior and views on activity.

Microsoft Word Document 13062017 124738Coaches Involved:

  • Niall Bishop – Active Trowbridge – Sportivate/Street Games
  • Zoe Copper – Active Trowbridge – Sportivate/Street Games
  • Ben Deadman – Active Trowbridge – Sportivate/Street Games
  • Harriet Tate – Active Trowbridge – Sportivate/ Street Games
  • Chloe Moriaty – Active Trowbridge – Sportivate/Street Games
  • Josh Lauder – Innov8 CIC – Sportivate
  • Tony Martin – Swindon Storm – Sportivate/ Satellite Clubs
  • Dan Norman – Swindon Storm – Sportivate/Satellite Clubs
  • Ed Waddington – Swindon Storm – Sportivate/Satellite Clubs
  • Jordi Rose – WASP – Coaching Lead

How we selected the Coaches:

Coaches were selected through a meeting with the WASP Satellite Club and Sportivate Leads and they targeted the coaches working currently in Swindon and other designated hard to reach areas in Wiltshire and Swindon where inactivity is at its highest. We also worked with partner organisations to ensure that we were targeting the correct coaches from their delivery team.

Microsoft Word Document 13062017 124649WASP aims:

To ensure that the coaches working on our Sport England programmes have the required skills for the audience that they are working with, concentrating on those coaches working in hard to reach areas. Many of the coaches on our projects are newly qualified and this approach will ensure that they are appropriately skilled for the delivery, and enable that they are appropriately skilled to deliver the session with confidence to the audience.

Key aims:

  • Ensure coaches are confident in their delivery
  • Provide extra skills outside of the generic coaching badges
  • Training around group and behaviour management as independent research suggests this is lacking on generic coaching courses.
  • New engaging games, drills to develop the whole athlete.
  • To provide a sustainable ongoing analysis tool for coaches.

Focus of our approach and thinking:

  • To use Create Development to improve and develop the skills, particularly the soft skills associated with coaching, with coaches delivering on WASP’s Sport England projects. Coaches on these projects are all appropriately qualified but it is believed that there may be room for improving engagement with participants especially in some of the more challenging areas of the county. This course has provided the chance to learn the “Power of Language” & “Behaviour Change” which is vital in diffusing situations and in inspiring performance. This was one of the key areas identified that coaches working in hard to reach areas were unsure of.
  • Following the above we are providing the coaches with the needed local skills dependent on the groups and the areas that they are working, this will enable a better delivery from the coach which will lead to an increased sustained rate and an improvement in activity levels 

Create Development logoWhy Create Development?

WASP looked at several providers and training options for the delivery of this service area. Create were chosen due to their whole athlete approach and ability to adapt their training to relevant audiences. 

The course was designed by conjoining different Create modules to ensure it was suitable to our coaches and their audiences. The resources presented to coaches were clear and of high quality.

The ability to follow up on the coach’s progress through the Create Development Wheel was hugely importance as this proves that WASP’s commitment to the coaches is a long term process rather than a short course solution.

Create are now currently setting up the Activity Monitoring Wheel to allow us to continue to monitor the coaches and allow them, to share their case studies, ideas and good practice with each other through their online portal.

Intent to Impact: 

Outcomes from the first batch of coaches to go through this specifically planned and designed training programme have been positive. Aligning our impacts with the 5 strategic approaches of the Coaching Plan for England this project has supported 4 of the approaches –

  • Making it Easier to Start Coaching – 11 Coaches newly qualified will have extra support and qualifications to be able to deliver competent sessions.
  • Foster an Improvement Culture – 11 coaches who have been upskilled will continue to deliver more suitable sessions for WASP programmes in relation to their audience.
  • Transfer Learning into Practice – coaches on the front line will have the chance to use these skills. Coaches have been targeted as those who are currently working in areas which are classified as hard to reach. The course has been set up for these skills to allow this happen.
  • Measuring the Change and Communicating the Impact – coaches projects are being monitored more closely to ascertain if the coaching qualifications as led to an improvement in figures and retention.

Following the conclusion and as mentioned previously the coaches from this project will be able to continue to self-progress and self-rate using the Create Development Wheel. WASP will also continue to monitor the projects that these coaches are delivering on to look for trends in retention and participation numbers.


Through discussions with coaches delivering on our programmes we were correct in believing that there was a gap in the coaching programme currently for coaches working on programmes and in hard to reach areas. These gaps were mainly about engagement with inactive participants and behavior management.  

What Next?  

As mentioned throughout, WASP have made a long-term commitment to the coaches from this first development stage. We will continue to monitor their progress and the impact that the course has had on their personal delivery and the outcomes of the projects they are delivering on our behalf.

We intend to run this course again for another group of coaches who are working within similar hard to reach and selected areas of the county. Following the feedback from coaches we will adjust the modules slightly to ensure that it is fully suitable for our aims.

We fully intend use the coaches from the project as ambassadors and advisers moving forward to ensure we are providing the skills and training that are required at this level. Also, we plan to integrate this group of coaches with the coaches who took part in Service Area 1 and this will form the basis of the Workforce Forum in Wiltshire. Conjoining coaches who work on different areas will allow the Forum to be able to see a wider view of coaching in Wiltshire and share learning. A medium to long-term view would be for all coaches delivering on WASP programmes to have this course made available to them to support them in having the correct skills for the group and participants they are working with.


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