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National Trust seeking volunteers

Avebury National trust volunteersMaking new friends, working in amazing places and knowing that you're helping a great cause - three fabulous reasons to get volunteering. Currently seeking volunteers to help organise our Trust10k trail run at Avebury.

Be part of an incredible team  

It's the skills, time and passion of our volunteers that make our places special. Whether you're looking to help in the great outdoors, connect with the public or get up close and personal with our houses, we have something exciting happening near you.

Fiona Wright: Why I Volunteer as a run leader, Attingham Park, Shropshire

Profile: Fiona volunteers as a run leader at Attingham Park, Shropshire. She tells us in this story adapted from our spring magazine, how she became involved in running after the birth of her two sons. 

How it all started

I discovered running after having my two sons and I wish I’d found it sooner. My husband took up running to help manage his diabetes, and when he started losing weight and having fun I thought I’d give it a go. I started going out on my own and doing our local parkrun, and then realised the benefits myself. I never imagined I would end up leading others to help them get the most out of running.

Becoming a run leader

When the opportunity to become a UK Athletics volunteer run leader came up at Attingham two and half years ago, it seemed like a great way to do something I love that would fit around my family and work commitments. Running in beautiful grounds means people really look forward to coming. The deer sometimes run with us too. I now lead small groups of runners once a week through the parkland, and help give them the confidence to get what they want out of our sessions.

Run in beautiful grounds and the deer may join you
How running helps
Most people are new to running or getting back into it after a long break, and it’s amazing to see them develop. Last time everyone ended up being able to run 5k, but that's not necessarily the goal – above all, we are a social group.
"Taking up running has increased my confidence, and it’s lovely to pass that on." - Fiona Wright

I’m not an elite athlete and I wasn’t massively sporty before I started running. I think that helps motivate others to realise they can do it too. Taking up running has increased my confidence, and it’s lovely to pass that on. I’ve met some wonderful people and have really become part of Attingham’s volunteer team.

This article was first published in the National Trust Spring 2018 Magazine.

About Trust 10 Trail Runs

Fancy a morning run through the clifftop gardens of a 1920s villa? Or how about testing your fitness in the grounds of a medieval castle? Our free monthly 10k trail runs are a great way to blow away the cobwebs, get some exercise and take in spectacular scenery.

Whether you’re training for a challenge or looking for a sociable jog in the fresh air, join us on the fourth Sunday of every month with an 8.30am registration and a 9am start. Remember to bring your own timer – we don’t have equipment to track runners’ times at the moment, but we’re working on it.

National trust Volunteers AveburyWant to volunteer at a Trust10 event?

Lend a hand at a Trust10 – You can join our volunteer team by helping us deliver this monthly Sunday morning run. Roles include everything from marshalling the course to registering runners on arrival.

For more information, please check your local property web page - Avebury 

Age of runners

We love to see children and families together, enjoying running non-competitively. We recommend that anyone running our Trust10 event is 14 years old and over.

As the parent or guardian you can use your discretion as to your child being suitable and able to take part in our Trust10 recreational run. Please keep an eye on them, accompanying and remaining responsible for them at all times throughout the event. We will remind you about the importance of this on property webpages and during the pre-run briefing.

Parkrun currently allow 11 year olds to run 5k events unaccompanied and allow Under 11s to run within an arm’s length of a responsible adult. UKA have various rules related to children running in competitive events on the track, trails and fells which generally have lower distances due to the competitive nature of the events. These bench marks have been considered when setting the recommendation of 14 years for the Trust10 recreational run.

Due to the differences in the places we host Trust10 events, our recommendations may vary if certain hazards are evident on particular routes. 

This might include;

  • If our route crosses busy roads
  • If our route has extended running on public highways
  • If navigation or terrain is perceived to be difficult, or if weather is extreme. 

This will be highlighted via the property information of that Trust10, allowing you as a parent or guardian to make an improved decision regarding the suitability of the event for your child. If you are unsure please contact the property directly and they will be able to advise.

Running Buggies

Runners with buggies may be allowed if the site is suitable. A route description should be available for all, and buggy runners are advised to review this prior to the event.

Runners are advised to use their own judgement regarding suitability of their buggy and to use their experience to negotiate the route. Please note, buggy runners will be asked to set off at the rear of the run behind the main/non buggy running runners.


Runners should check with the property they would like to run at if dogs are allowed. This is a local decision often based on livestock around the route, which may change at points during the year. A pre event briefing will include presence of livestock on route.

All runners, spectators and other walkers with dogs should keep their dogs on leads at all time.


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