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Active Employees = Better Business

Did you know that physically active workers take 27% less days off work sick, are more likely to be engaged in their work and are generally less stressed? We’ve created a Workplace Health scheme to support employers to make their workplaces healthier, more active places.

Work is such a big part of our lives. Those in employment spend around 60% of their waking hours in the workplace so it’s important that the culture and environment supports, rather than hinders, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

wpc printingOur Services:

  • Free initial consultation meeting 

  • Staff survey, results report and bespoke action plan 

  • Access to our online activity tracker ‘Workplace Challenge’

  • Workplace Champion training –  gain knowledge and resources to help you drive workplace activity

  • Ongoing support and guidance 



Benefits to your Business

Physical activity has positive effects on work performance, productivity and absenteeism, by taking part in this challenge it shows that your business cares about your employee’s health leading to the development of a valued workforce and reduced staff turnover.

The social aspect of the challenge will create fun in the workplace, increase morale, team spirit and development of professional relationships. There will be many businesses involved with the challenge allowing for inter-business relationships to develop through business networking.

There are also Sponsorship opportunities for you to promote your business to other workplaces and individuals who have joined the workplace Challenge. You can sponsor events, activities, donate prizes and have your company logo displayed on the website.



Benefits to your employee

Physical activity is well known to improve a person’s health and fitness, health is however, not just the physical improvement but also covers social and mental aspects too. So by taking part in the Workplace Challenge your employee’s can also improve their motivation, sleep quality, energy and stress levels, as well as offering an opportunity to meet new people, improve communication skills and develop better working relationships.

If active travel is logged then this will save some pennies on parking and petrol and help the environment by saving on CO2!

Most importantly the Workplace Challenge is FUN !



Workplace Champions

In addition to the challenges, in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, the Workplace Challenge would like to recruit ‘Workplace Champions’ who will receive training and resources to help improve their colleague’s lives. So if you’re a health coordinator, HR officer, volunteer champion, general manager or just a health advocate, the Champion training will give you skills, confidence and resources to promote better health and increase participation in sport and physical activity in your organisation.


Consultation imageConsultation

Every business and workplace is different and a free 1-hour Workplace Health consultation with us will provide advice and suggestions needed to get your workforce moving more.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our Workplace Health scheme can benefit your business register your interest using the form below and we’ll be in touch to arrange a free 1-hour consultation!

We’re here to help you make your workplace environment as healthy, happy and productive as possible. 


How does it work ….?

1) Individuals register on http://www.workplacechallenge.org.uk/wiltssport/ and created a profile.

2) During their registration they have the choice to register a new business and/or department. If their business or organisation is already on the system they can simply add themselves to that listing. Once your workplace has 3 members attached to it the system will automatically create a leader table so you can compete against your colleagues. (NB: you can still take part in the challenge if your workplace does not have 3 members).

3) Once your profile is complete you are ready to log your activity and earn points! we all know what that means ….. PRIZES. The more activities you do, the more points you will earn. Can you be your workplace Champion? Can your workplace be the top of Workplace in Wiltshire and Swindon?!

4) Wiltshire and Swindon Sport can help you arrange inter-department competitions and event inter-workplace challenges when you’re ready!

What activities can be done…?

Any sport and physical activities can be logged through the challenge. This includes formally activities such as 5-a-side, Touch Rugby and an exercise class and also informal activities such as walking to work and playing ‘Ping’ table tennis across the desk at work! The aim of the Workplace Challenge is to get the Wiltshire and Swindon businesses more physically active so we don’t mind what you do.

How can your workplace get involved …?

Visit http://www.workplacechallenge.org.uk/wiltssport/ to sign up to the challenge. If you would like to know more about the Workplace Challenge and the benefits to your Workplace and your employees then please contact:- Kirsty Brown by email Kirsty@wiltssport.org.uk or 01380 725111. www.wiltssport.org.uk

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