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Have you heard? Family Focus month has started early!

Real PlayLast Friday marked the launch of Family Focus month which includes 10% discount on real play resources! We've launched it early to give schools four full weeks to take advantage of the special offer before the Christmas break. The offer will end on 31st December 2017.

Family Focus month - 10% off

· real play home packs - available only to real play schools

· real play whole class resources - available to real PE or real play schools

Please spread the word to your real PE and real play schools so they can take advantage of this great offer. A suggested email template can be found below.

Suggested email template for real PE and real playschools:

If you've already seen the massive benefits of real PE and real play and are looking to enhance your provision, real play supports pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 to play, learn and be active at home with their families. Resources are available for the whole class and come with with presentations, parent guides and videos to make it really easy to roll out. Click here to find out more information below.

Schools that are running real play clubs can also purchase home packs for their next real play club at a reduced cost up until the end of December. Click here to visit the Create shop to order you home packs or click here to visit the real play deliverer portal to find out more information including passwords for the Create shop.

Please contact Ronnie Heath, Managing Director, Create Development
Harrow Business Centre, 429 - 433 Pinner Road, Harrow, England HA1 4HN, T: 020 8863 0304

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