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Engaging People in Physical Activity - UK Coaching

 V5N4751 (1)Engaging people in physical activity can be a real challenge for any coach. Understanding the needs of the participant and providing an experience to inspire their continued engagement can feel like a daunting task.

In practice the biggest challenge is often supporting people new to activity on a journey that supports their gradual introduction to a new behaviour. As defined in the Coaching Plan for England, it is all about “Improve a person’s experience physical activity by providing guidance aligned to their individual needs and aspirations”. Sport England, (2016) ‘Coaching Plan for England’

This page of our website aims to provide you with access to the latest guidance, information, and training opportunities to ensure you understand the challenges of engaging the inactive.

Physical Inactivity

In partnership with Public Health England, we have created a new animation 'Reducing Physical Inactivity' animation. Split into three parts, the animation features latest insight into the meaning of physical activity and practical tips for coaches to get more people active. Watch the animation via the following playlist:

23 1/2 Hours

Understanding the relationship between physical activity or sport, and health can be very beneficial as a coach. Although it is important to understand that as a Coach you may not be able to influence all of the factors that influence an individual ability to exhibit active behaviours or not it is important to try and be aware of the wider elements influencing this when seeking to support change in those who are wholly inactive or new to activity.

Take a look at this visual lecture from Dr Mike Evans called 231/2 hours:

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