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Runtogther 1We believe running / jogging is for everyone and is most fun when shared with others. Try one of our group runs to find out for yourself...

Runtogether has been created by England Athletics, the membership and development body for grassroots athletics and running in England, to provide fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone in England.

All their programmes, such as groups and routes, and services, such as Find a Guide and the Mental Health Ambassadors programme share a common theme, they are to help people to run with other. Running with others can provide motivation, guidance and support, as well as making it more fun!

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Run togetherFor information on each of the products and services, please visit the individual pages. We also have a handy request asked questions page, see below ...

Frequently asked questions
Become a run group leader

Leading a RunTogether group is a fun and rewarding experience and we welcome new leaders of all paces and locations in England. We offer training and support to help you get started and then to grow your groups and continue developing as a leader.



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