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Celebrating Great Coaching - Rik Grovers Story

Rik DivingCoaching Week provides an annual platform for athletes and coaches and the public to celebrate coaching in their local community

The week also aims to highlight the broader benefits of coaching and the fact that great coaching can inspire others and make a difference to people’s mental and physical well-being, as well as contribute to individual, economic and social development.

Coaching Case Study – Rik Grover

Rik Grover is 55 years old and lives in Warminster. He is a Scuba Diving Instructor (Qualified PADI Master Instructor). He has a real love for the underwater world and marine conservation, which has lead him to want to share his experiences and allow others to see what he sees on a dive.

Rik absolutely loves giving others the opportunities to witness and experience things that most of the world’s population will never see. Due to his passion for sport and activity he finds it extremely therapeutic to teach others the art of diving and has thoroughly enjoyed coaching for over 20 years.

By offering others a true ‘life experience’ he has been able to help other people enhance their life and fulfil their dreams. Often people he has taught have been so inspired by him they have gone on to become ‘professionals’ from Divemaster’s to fully fledged PADI instructors themselves.

IMG 0469Being a Sports Coach has enabled Rik to keep fit himself and he enjoys not only teaching diving but mountain biking and archery. Rik would recommend anyone to become a coach as it is very rewarding. He says, “definitely give it go but find a sport or activity that you have a passion for, not just something to ‘make some cash’. Your students / participants will pick up on that. Make sure that you love what you do and take the rough with the smooth. Things won’t always go to plan, so have a plan b.”

Rik recognises that he is lucky to have been gifted with the ability to teach others and offer experiences to a whole new world for a great number of individuals. To be able to teach and qualify people with a world recognised qualification in a sport that he absolutely loves is just fantastic. Truly life changing.

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