Alison’s Story & why she runs B–Fit Bootcamp

10934022 10152476160886533 4732273659492631748 nB-Fit Bootcamp is a fun friendly outdoor fitness class.

My ethos is to install self-confidence as well as healthy lifestyle changes into my members. To show them they are more than a number on a scale, that whatever they are facing in life they can be active, they can enjoy it and they can walk away proud that they just did that !!!

I am 39 (almost 40 cough) as a child I was massively active, but like many women after 4 of my 5 children and marriage I gained not pounds but stones, at my heaviest I was 19stone.

Wanting to fulfil my dream job of joining the army I decided to go back to what I had loved as a child fitness.

It wasn’t easy I felt alone but I enjoyed it again... and soon off I was in the army.. Dream fulfilled at last!!!

From this my love of health and fitness grew and I progressed into personal training.

Health and fitness became my lifestyle, a passion I wanted to pass on to others. But with a difference, I wanted it to be accessible to all. Fun yet effective, take people back to their childhood and encourage friendships. I wanted it to be so much more than just another fitness class. I wanted everyone to count!! I wanted to empower people to change lives, to make a community and support each other in our community. I wanted people to start loving who they were - love their skin!!

My classes grew, so I guessed I must be doing something right. Everyone has something inspirational to share. I have young members with mental and learning disabilities, overcoming anger issues and they are learning how to socialise, so just to come along to a group session and interact with other people is a real challenge they are overcoming !!

Those who attend my classes include:

  • disabled people or those with long term injuries finding something they can do (I change exercises to suit EVERYONE).
  • elderly who are keeping active or just starting to become more active.
  • ethnic minorities some barely speak English and have found themselves here with the military with no family, which is really hard but they are finding this a good way to mix with other people and make friends. We are their support them and their families and they are defiantly overcoming a lot of different barriers.
  • members with lupus and Fibromyalgia and I also suffer from lupus, members with arthritis overcoming the physical aspects of staying active.
  • military wives whose husbands are away, single parents (we welcome kids along on our classes it’s important to me as it sets a future seed and helps parents if they can bring them along).
  • ladies that are overweight at the moment overcoming the stigma that goes with exercising and they smash it all the time !!

Seeing these ladies day in and day out coming together working out laughing with each other is amazing. Seeing them go off and do mud runs when they couldn’t walk 10m is priceless, it makes it all worthwhile.

10968430 566484313454376 6534967116429663212 nI stay active myself and I join in as much as possible as it’s still my lifestyle too and I compete in cross fit, powerlifting and I run. You’ll always see me joining in the team things we do in Bootcamp as I love it !

Now with 7 kids.. I grew up admiring the Zola Buds’ of the world.. Now I admire every athlete or sportsperson.. Bit of a lover of Camille le Blanc Bazinet (crossfit).

There has of course been times I’ve almost quit. In both fitness and work, when i wasn’t making a wage, when I was stood on wet dark fields with 1 or 2 people wondering what I was doing !? When I have been ill or family life is hectic.. But all it takes is seeing the smiles of enjoyment and success when someone does a squat for the first time, knowing that without exercise and sport in my life there’d be a void.. and knowing these ladies rely and trust B-fit as their family I’d change nothing !!

To anyone wanting to get into sport.. Do it .. Don’t let who you think you are define you .. Your much more .. Find something you love, find somewhere that supports you, where you feel part of something, put all your inhibitions in a bag close it and put it away.. You can do this, we do this every day!! #This Girl Can ! www.b-fitbootcamp.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/B.fit.bootcamp1

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