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This Girl Can comes to Devizes Netball

Deivzes NetballI play for Devizes Netball Club in their second team and I am completely dedicated to netball. A few months ago I saw the 'this girl can' app on Facebook and just used it to create a profile picture, it asked for my email address and post code and that was that!! 

Devizes netball club ran some 'Back to Netball' sessions earlier this year and they were interviewed by local radio at the time of the 'This Girl Can' campaign.  So the campaign has always been something I follow closely.

So, as I say, loving the campaign and being completely passionate about netball I created that pic/poster, with the slogan 'I love playing, I just love winning slightly more' then I thought no more of it ...

Then out of the blue I got an email from 'This Girl Can' advising that my poster had been selected "your poster has been picked to feature on advertising screens in your local shopping centre and will also be shown on large screens in shopping centers nationwide, alongside other girls who can".

They advised that my poster would be on display in the Brunel Shopping Centre on Sunday so my daughter and I nipped over and there it was!!

It's all quite funny really and it's going crazy on our twitter feed, with superleague netball coaches re-tweeting it ! Yikes!

It's got a slight personal slant to it aswell, have had some tough times but have proved to be a strong girl who can!!! (Not just on the netball court).

by Ella Harding, Devizes Netball Club.

Ella Devizes Netball

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