This Girl Can - Ladies Beginners Running Group Marlborough

On 21st January I started a running group for complete beginners in Marlborough, as this was a priority area for Run England.Marlborough running group

The sessions were open to anyone, any age who wanted to start a healthy and active new year. My aim was to get the group running 5K by the end of the 8 weeks.

The very first session comprised of 8 x 1 min jog, 1 min walk (which the group found tough going!) As the weeks went by the sessions gradually progressed and the group were showing steady improvement. I also set the group ‘homework runs’ as unfortunately running once a week is not enough to improve and reach the 5K target.

I am pleased to say that on week 8 the group all managed to run 5K without stopping. This was such an achievement for them and they were so happy and proud of themselves.

By week 8 they were actually enjoying running, had made some new friends, felt fitter and achieved a goal they never thought they would be able to. With this high sense of achievement and the new found ‘running bug’ and I was pleased when the group asked if I would continue the weekly sessions.

With my own sense of achievement and proud to see how far the group had come I said yes. I planned and delivered another 10 week programme for them with an end goal of completing the 10K Race for Life in Swindon at the end of May.

Again I am very pleased to say that all completed the 10k challenged within a time of 1.03 – 1.15mins.  The group were absolutely ecstatic on achieving this goal and were so happy, as was I. 

Comments from the group:

"I signed up to the running group to learn how to run properly over long distances. I used to run on/off in the past but never felt like I was improving."

"At the beginning I could only run for about 2 minutes and would be desperate for a break, but now I can comfortably run for 2-4 miles!"

"What I’ve loved most about the sessions is that you never feel bad if you need a break or if you need to take it slow on the day, and what you do achieve is always celebrated."

"I’ve met some lovely people who have helped boost my moral and made running fun."

"I will definitely continue to run and I hope to complete another 10k later this year."

"I just want to say a massive thank you to Dominique for being such an awesome coach, I would never have been able to run 10k without her encouragement."


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