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Maximise your facility hire with SchoolHire

School Hire advert - editable word document 0001Wiltshire and Swindon Sport (WASP has launched a new partnership with leading online facility portal SchoolHire.co.uk.  The partnership will provide the public with access to sports facilities throughout Wiltshire and Swindon giving schools and other facilities the opportunity to maximise the use of their rooms, sports halls, pitches and courts allowing more people to be more physically active on a regular basis.

SchoolHire ( www.schoolhire.co.uk ) was launched with two key aims; to help the public easily locate sport facilities in their vicinity, while at the same time providing venues with an online platform to advertise their rent-able onsite facilities.

Venues can list all their facilities for hire on the SchoolHire website, with all enquiries sent directly to each venue. Schools across the county have excellent quality, clean facilities which are often under-utilised outside of normal school hours.

While the primary focus is on schools SchoolHire has since now expanded and lists venues including from colleges, universities, leisure centres, community centres, bowls clubs, Tennis courts and even hotels.  To date, SchoolHire currently lists 16,240 facilities, across over 1,786 venues, throughout England, with these figures increasing on a week by week basis.

Market research has shown that a major factor preventing people leading more active lifestyles is a lack of awareness of available facilities within their local area.  WASP and SchoolHire are confident that SchoolHire website makes this an issue of the 
past and 
play a crucial role in helping increase the level of participation throughout Wiltshire, as well as offering an invaluable, easy-to-use service for both local clubs and individuals looking to find appropriate venues.

A recent Case Study completed by Sport England shows the benefit that SchoolHire can bring to venues and can be seen here -  http://www.sportengland.org/facilities-planning/use-our-school/case-studies/schoolhire-and-brentwood-school/   

Any school or organisation looking to increase the use of their facilities can contact SchoolHire on 0208 371 0967 or WASP's Helen Cotter on 01225 781500.  

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