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Step-by-Step Guide for Schools

ALS Children  YPWe have put together the following 4-step guide to support you and your school in all stages of completing the Active Lives Children and Young People Survey.

Step 1 - Example questionnaires

If you wish to view what a survey questionnaire looks like before running it in your school, the following practice links below which are live until 27 July 2020. No answers will be stored from these, but they will allow you to view the questions quite easily in advance. Simply click on the relevant links below:
Year 1-2
Year 3-6
Year 7-11
Parents Survey (only for parents of Year 1&2 children)
Teachers Survey (using Teacher Password 123123)

step 2 - checklist and document templates

Please download pdfWASP's Active Lives Survey Checklist for Schools to ensure that you know what steps to take in the survey process. It will direct you to download the following letters and documents that your school will need to complete the survey:

For Teachers:
pdfGuidance for the Teacher Co-ordinating the Survey
pdfGuidance for the Teacher Whose Class Takes the Survey
pdfGuidance for Teachers Taking the Survey Themselves
pdfClass Selection Tables
pdfWhich Class Selection Table Should I Use? (most schools will only need to refer to pages 1 and 2)

For Pupils:
docxLetter to Parents years 1-2
pdfInformation for Pupils years 1-2
docxLetter to Parents years 3-11
pdfInformation for Pupils years 3-11

Privacy Statements:
pdfPrivacy Policy
pdfESPO Email Address Policy
Teacher Email Address Privacy Policy

step 3 - order your equipment

pdfESPO Equipment Brochure
pdfIncentives Flowchart

step 4 - your school report

pdfWho Receives a Report?
pdfExample School Report
years 1-2
pdfExample School Report years 3-6
pdfExample School Report years 7-11

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