About Badminton

BadmintonIn essence Badminton is a racquet sport, where two opposing players or pairs hit the shuttlecock back and forth to each other across a net in the centre of a court. Players score points when the shuttlecock is passed over the net and onto the floor of the opposing players side. Each side may only strike the shuttlecock once before it passes over the net to the other side. 

It is fun, a great way to get fit and spend time with friends, and can be played at a local leisure centre, sports club or even in the park or garden!

Badminton racquets are very light and easy to hold, making it a great sport for people of all ages, and ideal for younger children.

For a beginner, Badminton is a relatively low cost sport to start playing, and there are clubs and sports centres across the country that can hire out courts and provide coaching sessions locally.

The English National Governing Body for Badminton is Badminton England.