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About Sportivate


About Sportivate

Application process for Year 6 projects is now closed and all funding has been allocated to the successful projects.

Sportivate is a £56 million Lottery funded London 2012 legacy project that gives more young people the chance to discover a sport that they love.

The programme gives 11-25 year-olds who are not particularly sporty access to six-to-eight weeks' of free or subsidised coaching in a range of sports. There’s a wide range of activities on offer including bowls, judo, golf, tennis, wakeboarding, athletics, and parkour/free running. 

During the six-to-eight weeks those taking part can work towards an event or personal challenge and when the free or low-cost coaching has finished they will be supported to continue playing sport. 

Sportivate launched in June 2011 as a four-year programme aimed at 14-25 year-olds but, due to its success, additional funding of £10m per year has been invested allowing the programme to run until March 2017.

From September 2013, Sportivate is extending its age group so that 11-13 year-olds can also take part. Sportivate is inclusive and targets a variety of young people including those who have a disability and people from black and minority ethnic groups.

Criteria for Projects:

  • Projects must target 11 to 25 year olds in the ‘semi sporty’ category
  • All projects must have an evidence of demand to justify the need for the activity.
  • All projects need run over 6-8 weeks and each session needs to be a minimum of 1 hour.
  • All projects must demonstrate sustainability and have a clear exit route.
  • Participants will need to be supported into local clubs or alternative sports provision.
  • Projects can run all year round, with no constraints on holiday periods.
  • Activities must be new, or build on and extend current provision to new participants.
  • Activities run by schools/colleges on their own sites must be delivered by community providers and be open to the wider community.
  • Activity can take place at anytime of the day, EXCEPT If the activity is based at a school where curriculum time activity is ineligible.

 If you would like to find out more about Sportivate please contact Jonny Hunt on jonny@wiltssport.org or call the office on 01225 781500 or mobile on 07900218356.

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